You Feet Should be Dumb, Your Hands Should be Smart

OK, maybe you think a smart pedal aka Connected Cycleis a bad idea.  Few people  claim to have “smart feet” except maybe Baryshnikov or Astaire… but smart hands…. it’s closer to the brain, they often scratch your head.  Your smart hands need smrtGRiPS!



Now instead of self powered, you need to charge with USB.
Instead of someone stealing your pedals, they steal you grips (I guess that is better)!

Now in the video show below this person can’t even seem to remember two or three turns.

They claim one of the benefits is you don’t have sun glare…doesn’t she know she can stop in a shady place?  You don’t have to stop under a spotlight.  Pick a place where you can read your phone.

What about the times you change your mind about where you want to go?  Those grips will be vibrating like crazy?  Who know, maybe the Polish National Team can find a use for them… I can’t.

1 thought on “You Feet Should be Dumb, Your Hands Should be Smart

  1. stern

    There have been such radical advances in mobile technology in the last five years, and so many people have gotten rich as a result, it’s inevitable that people are going to try to apply it to bicycles. You can practically generate business plans like a party game. “We’re integrating #technology buzzword# into #bicycle component#.”

    And honestly, I can’t tell you whether it’s a GPS-enabled bicycle seat, or a bluetooth-compliance rear derailleur, but some of this stuff will probably klick.

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