Wheelmen Aroused

An article with the headline “Wheelmen Aroused” appears in the New York Daily Tribune on September 9, 1899 (pg 6).  Translating this into modern English the headline should read something like “Cyclists Angered”.  This headline amuses me so much, I’ve added it as one of the Wheeled Thing’s categories for items that really annoy the Wheeled Thing crew.

Wheelmen Aroused

The article itself, as can be seen from the subheading, is about the efforts of the League of American Wheelmen, the Associated Cycling Clubs of New York, the Associated Cycling Clubs of Long Island, the Good Roads Association of Long Island and the New York Consulate to to secure a “wheelway over the” Brooklyn Bridge.

They argue that a wheelway will save riders $0.10 per day (about $2.50 adjusted for inflation), and that the “bicycle was no longer a toy nor wholly a vehicle of pleasure… it is the poor man’s horse”

Unfortunately this wheelman is aroused that these same fights for bridge access are still going on more than 100 years later.

Source: ProQuestProQuest Historical Newspapers: New York Tribune

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