What is a bicycle system? and do you need one?


They claim, “COBI bicycle system enhances rider’s experience”


I think COBI is confusing the word “enhance” or to make better with “distract” or to divert attention from what you are doing (riding a bike).

Here are the COBI selling points:

  1. It has an “interchangeable 200g mount case…that holds the user’s smartphone on the handlebars”
  2. With the ‘COBI’ software (their quotes not mine) you can call friends,
  3. Listen to music,
  4. Check weather forecast.
  5. Other combined apps allow them (you?) to track fitness data such as heart-rate,
  6. cadence
  7. and calories, and
  8. observe real-time information like speed, time, distance and climb rate.
  9. another helpful addition is the modern navigation system that signals turn-by-turn directions, voice-overs, 2D & 3D views, bike lanes, popular routes and
  10. a buddy radar, which all aid the rider to travel easily between their destinations.

So… what does this thing that my iPhone does not already do?  And why should I give them my money?

I encourage you to watch the video… I could not sit through it.  It seems like this German guy just wants to do something… but even he is not sure what:

1 thought on “What is a bicycle system? and do you need one?

  1. stern

    I agree that they need to find a better way to articulate what their product is and what it does, but from the video it doesn’t look insane. The Cobi integrates a head light, a tail light and turn indicators with an iPhone charger and a thumb controller. That last part looks valuable, as trying to control your phone with the touchscreen while riding is clearly dangerous.

    How much money do they want for this? I doubt I would buy it but it could be good for other sorts of riders.

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