Veloloop – A Kickstarter that does not suck!

Now, you only need this thing if you live in suburbia and there are traffic signals that only change when a car rolls up.

“Instead of waiting at intersections for a car to come along and trigger the traffic sensors, you can trigger them yourself with the Veloloop! The Veloloop attaches to your bike and detects when you’re at an intersection and triggers the sensor just like a car does.”



Now if they can only add some additional features like shooting “frickin lasers” at any car that comes to close to you… or maybe disables the engine of a car after it strikes you to prevent hit and run crashes…. Or maybe just include a bottle opener… ‘cmon guys.


2 thoughts on “Veloloop – A Kickstarter that does not suck!

  1. stern

    That is a neat idea for a law-abiding cyclist. Do you think it really works? I recall rumors in high school of devices that would force red lights to turn green as you approach. These were supposedly intended for use by ambulances but were available in the black market. I never believed they would work, mostly because ambulances routinely run red lights, and why would they bother if the lights magically changed green for them?

  2. Gary Post author

    Yes, the items do exist to help first responders or transit vehicles avoid having to slow down or stop at a traffic light. Does this one work? I mean, it is endorsed by Kickstarter, so it’s gotta work? Right? Right?

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