5 thoughts on “Toyota i-ROAD

  1. Gary

    You missed the biggest problem with this vehicle – more than 1/3 of Americans are obese (www.cdc.gov/obesity/data/adult.html), so they would not be able to fit in this thing. I do like these things if they replace car trips…

  2. stern

    I dunno, it’s small, agile (I think the intent is that the inside front wheel slides back when turning at speed to decrease your turning radius), presumably fuel efficient. My problem with it is that it’s fictional. Once upon a time, car companies had to at least build mockups of their “concept cars.” This one doesn’t look as though it has even found its way out of Photoshop yet.

  3. Kim Post author

    There are plenty of videos of it online, e.g.

    . The real problem as I see it is aftermarket support: where do you bring it for maintenance? Your local auto shop will laugh in your face. You need a specialist.

  4. stern

    Wow, the wheels work the way I thought. You know, I can’t mock this thing. Maybe it will be underpowered, maybe it will be overpriced, maybe it will be a deathtrap in an accident. But for the moment I see an innovative design that should work well in tight spaces and may be a lot of fun to drive.

    As for the lack of aftermarket support — it’s a Toyota. There will be places to support it.

  5. Gary

    Kim, I think you point is moot. The ridiculous system we currently have with grease monkeys ripping off customers and insurance companies will come to an end. I’m looking forward to the day of the autonomous vehicle and the safety improvements it will bring.

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