This is Unamerican!

We’ve seen about 1,000 scooters, skates, unicyles and bicycles with electric motors grafted on, thus turning practical and entertaining modes of transit expensive, slow, and heavy.

The team behind Chargeboard is doing the opposite; they’ve grafted a dynamo onto a skateboard that charges a battery as you skate, converting a small fraction of the energy you generate into a form that can be used to power your smartphone or laptop or whatever.

Of course, don't skate with your phone in there.

Of course, don’t skate with your phone in there.

I don’t use a skateboard, but I respect this idea, and hope we see it implemented with more wheeled vehicles.

2 thoughts on “This is Unamerican!

  1. Gary

    Now, it is not a bad idea, but is not really a good one either. I guess if you are homeless and don’t have access to a power outlet it might be good. Having too much fun on your skateboard, let’s slow you down and strap on some expensive equipment to the undercarriage. Why not just buy a rechargeable battery? They’re powerful and cheap?

  2. stern Post author

    1. A battery is another gadget to charge and carry around. A dynamo attached to your bike simplifies life.

    2. If you get a continuous DC feed from it, it could maintain the charge of a phone that’s being used for GPS and video, useful things that can burn through a battery quickly.

    3. If you ride at night, it can power your lights.

    I would not want such a device on training or racing equipment, but for my commute or weekend social trips, perhaps.

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