The Bicymple, an overly hyped trick bike

The Bicycmple is an experimental bicycle design with no chain. Pedals connect directly to the rear hub, which may be a free hub or not, and may have gears or not. Pull a lever, and the rear wheels can turn independently of the front. The name suggests it’s simple, but the price ($800 to $2700) suggests it isn’t.



The designer comes out of a background in neuroscience, which seems of dubious relevance but he brags about it on their website and in interviews, so evidently he thinks it’s important. As for the bike, he admits it’s slow, but that’s OK so long as it’s fun. I’m not sure he’s going to move many units at that price though. Various magazines and gadget websites have referred to this thing as “disruptive” ( or “radical” ( From my point of view, it’s just a novelty bike. But hey, if they want to lend us one, I’d be glad to try it out and revise my opinion as warranted.


This comes out of Kickstarter, naturally, but you can order one at

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