The $150 million scooter

Once upon a time there was a little company called Gogoro that decided to make an electric scooter. So they raised $150 million from venture capitalists and say they’ll come to market eventually.

Yup, it's a scooter.

Yup, it’s a scooter.

Perhaps I snark too aggressively. The real business plan involves hot-swappable batteries, and the scooter is just a platform to help people get used to the concept.


The specs on the scooter itself look decent — it will run for an hour at 25mph and has a top speed of 59mph. If management is sufficiently committed to getting this scooter into many hands to popularize the battery stations, they may sell them cheap enough to be worth owning.

1 thought on “The $150 million scooter

  1. Gary

    Hey Stern! Gogoro is having their kick off this summer in Taiwan. Maybe we can get a small sliver of that $150M to test out their scooter, or better yet, we now have an excuse for our first Kickstarter campaign. We only need about $5,000 to send the WheeledThing team to Taipei.

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