Terrafugia – Another Fly Car That’s “Coming Soon”

It looks like some fans of WheeledThing were inspired by the crash of AeroMobil AKA the Slovak flying car, and decided to put some American cash behind one.   This one has the memorable name of Terrafugia.  I’m guessing around they office they shorten it to Terra F.U.

You know, there is nothing I want more to do, that to drive my airplane to the gas station!  I bet this thing is a chick magnet.  Their pitch is to bring personal aviation into the mainstream.  Uhmm… why do we need this?  Is there a shortage of parking spaces at the airport?

One of their sales pitches is that it has “Cargo for golf clubs and carryon bags”.  I wonder if you could attach a bike to the roof?


Let’s see… they started in 2006 and don’t seem to have any date for when the launch is.  I do see they are looking for investors though.

The good news is the video is short and sweet – no talking with some driving and some flying.

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