Storm Electric Bike

An electric bike for under $500? Sign me up! I’m just not sure if you would really want to ride it in a storm, but the 50 mile range is pretty impressive. Plus, it looks all sporty-like, as if you actually burn calories instead of just coasting along on your fat ass.

Is this what people ride before upgrading to a Rascal scooter?


6 thoughts on “Storm Electric Bike

    1. Kim Post author

      If you crash it hard enough, the Storm’s crank will have many more than three pieces. I’m not sure if that makes for more durability or less.

  1. stern

    This device’s only claim to fame is the low price, right? You’d think the people who pledge their money up-front would run a google search first; electric bikes for $500 are already on the market. See for example.

    Plus, if you buy one that already exists, you know it’s going to arrive. If you crowdsource one, they can take the money and walk away. It’s yellow, though, so there’s that.

    1. Kim Post author

      You have too much faith in the USPS and other delivery services. At least with the crowdsourcing campaign, if they abscond with our money we can find where they live and make their lives miserable.

  2. Gary

    Another weird thing is the Crowdfund-Us began two days ago (2/1). They were trying to raise $75,000 and now have raised: $1,364,354 or 1,819% of their goal. Why? Who is doing/buying this. And there is also a $193.99 shipping fee. Is this a scheme, where they just try to sucker people out of $500 with their flashing yellow battery with wheels?

  3. stern

    Ooh, it’s better than I thought —

    Earlier this week Storm eBike was hit with a cease-and-desist letter from Prodeco Technologies, a Florida-based maker of electric bikes. The company is claiming trade-name infringement and a lot more.

    Prodeco’s cease-and-desist letter, addressed to Storm eBike co-founder Storm Sondors, also accused the company of making “grossly inaccurate” and “false” claims in the Indiegogo campaign.

    They say the indiegogo claims about speed, power, charging time, etc. are probably nonsense. What surprise!

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