5 thoughts on “Solowheel

  1. Gary

    It states clearly on the homepage that this device is, “intended to be used as you would use an electric bicycle”.
    That is the best sales pitch ever, as I don’t own or want an eBike, they are eliminating me as a customer off the bat.

  2. stern

    I thought it would never happen, so let history record this date: on November 17, 2014, I saw an electric unicycle in the wild. A guy was riding west down the sidewalk along 42nd Street near 6th Avenue. The rider was a tall guy with some light facial hair, stylish. Looked like an idiot.

    1. Kim Post author

      On a related note, this past Saturday I saw two guys riding electric-powered skateboards. They were using a GoPro to film themselves riding down 5th Ave in the Flatiron district.

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