Sled Dog Skates – Dude, you forgot your skis

Here at Wheeled Thing, we love our Sled Dogs… but what is this company doing, building them by hand?  They are in-stock, now, but only have 100 pairs left?

It is hot and humid here in NYC, and I’m not in the mood to think about snow sports yet.



Hello Everybody!

We inform you about the release of our new breed K9.01.
The K9.01 is now in stock.
Check our website for sizes and stock:

We only have 100 of these puppies in stock, so be fast if you are interested!
Next litter will only be available end of November.


4 thoughts on “Sled Dog Skates – Dude, you forgot your skis

  1. stern

    I love SledDogs. I especially love the way people respond to SledDogs on the slopes. However, I must report two issues. First, when I ordered a new pair last year, the company (which is Norwegian but manufactures in Hungary or something) didn’t pay customs duty on them. A few months after the skates arrived, I got a bill from their consignment company for the tax plus a “convenience fee” 3x bigger than the tax itself.

    Second, I got a “special issue” model last year that’s bright red. My ski helmet is bright green. Together, they make me look like a Christmas-themed mushroom.

  2. stern

    I notice, by the way, that they seem to have changed their logo again. 20 years ago, they had an excellent logo with a dog face.

    When the Norwegians bought out the company, they retired this (or perhaps they never got the rights to the logo for some reason), and they have instead been using the company’s name in a blocky font. Ugly. Now they’re moving back to a dog face, though I still prefer the original.

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