SkyRide – The Bike on a Track in the Sky!

Videos to demonstrate new WheeledThings frequently suck.  Lots of talking not much action.  I’m happy to report that Scott Olsen has a different way of doing things.  This video is all action… and no talking.

Sure, I would love to try one of these things, but besides getting a good view of the forest, I don’t see the point.  A bike monorail?  According to their site, “SkyRide Technology has developed the next breakthrough for the future of fitness, sustainable urban transportation and recreation. This human-powered system has the potential to revolutionize the way people move about our planet. SkyRide is safe to use for people of all ages, abilities and special needs and is 100% carbon free.”

How is this better than riding a bicycle on the roadway?  Oh that is right, if you fall off your bike it’s a short fall, but when you fall off the SkyRide it’s a long fall.  I can see this in a fun-park as an amusement, but why build a sky monorail?


Scott does seem to be having fun… and I hope the royalties from Rollerblade keep flowing because I don’t expect this product to “take off”.

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