3 thoughts on “SadaBike

  1. Gary

    This one looks cool. It certainly needs a new name. Sad-a-bike!
    I wonder how it takes potholes.

    It would be great in the circus!


    Are spokes bad?

  2. stern

    Spokes are aerodynamically inefficient, and this bike looks cool.

    I feel as though I have seen designs similar to the Sadbike in the past (in books of bike designs going back 100 years, perhaps). I’m guessing they failed in the market because of low efficiency in transferring energy to the back wheel, plus perhaps high weight, low flexibility in gearing, and relatively high cost. Plus, spokes exist for a reason — they are very good at keeping a rim true. Absent spokes, the rim may quickly distort to potato-chip shape, and what do you do then?

    Also, do you think a Sadbike can be locked up by the wheel, or might a thief just slide the drive mechanism off the rims and walk away with the frame?

  3. Kim Post author

    At the very least you’d need a wrench to remove some parts to get the wheel to release from the rest of the frame. In any case, there are plenty of holes to run a chain through to secure both wheels and the frame.

    But I agree with your assessment of the wheels being easily untrued. And since a true rim is even more important on this bike than a standard bike (because the rims are supported by two points with very tight tolerances), any big bumps you hit may make it even harder to pedal.

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