2 thoughts on “Roller Rapper: the movie!

  1. stern

    The kickstarter campaign ($68.00 pledged of $13,784 goal with 18 days to go) is somewhat incoherent, but it seems to be something like this: There is a real-life guy who calls himself “Robbie Love” who has skated the length of Route 66 on quad skates to raise money for sick children. This is a comic book, amazingly not by Robbie Love himself but by somebody inspired by his example, that posits Robbie is secretly a superhero fighting something called The Dark Order and an affiliated (?) cable news network.

    Drugs were involved, I suspect.

  2. Kim Post author

    Somebody should do a documentary about the making of this whole Roller Rapper thing. I’ll bet the Kickstarter for the documentary would raise more funds than the actual project’s Kickstarter–and be more interesting to boot.

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