Video image.
Well, they don’t have rockets… and they are not really skates – more liked motorized shoes, but I guess they did not want to call them “MotorShoes”

If you think a Segway made people look like a dork, check out the photos of people in “RocketSkates”.
Watching the video, they do EXACTLY what inline skates do, only you don’t have  to exercise and you have to recharge them after an hour.  Uhhm, what problem are they trying to solve?
The only thing I wanted to see… is using them to go up a really steep hill, so you can fly down.
RocketSkates!  Aaaahh!

5 thoughts on “RocketSkates

  1. stern

    To his credit, the inventor clearly appreciates the Segway problem, which is why his video shows scantily clad, super-fit people using his stupid skates in an edgy urban environment. Unfortunately for him, after the first 100 units hit the streets strapped to the feet of 45-year-old neckbeards, his dream will die.

    1. stern

      Jeez. That’s worse than I expected in every single way. More expensive, shorter range, worse performance, dorkier, more dangerous.

      On a related point, have we reached the point yet where “Kickstarter” just means “crappy”?

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