Raht Racer, pedal powered electric trike

Taking a brief break from our series on Inline Magazine in 1997, let’s discuss the Raht Racer. This is a kickstarter, so it will probably never come into existence but if it does, it will be a covered trike with an electric motor and pedals for charging on the fly.


The designer claims a top speed of 100mph and range of 50 miles, and it seats two people. It has an electric motor and pedals, but the pedals are connected to the generator, not the wheels. So if you start running out of juice, you can pedals like a madman and keep the thing moving. It’s an intriguing idea.

A prototype exists.

A prototype exists.

It’s on kickstarter and they project a selling price of $35k to $45k when it comes to market, if it ever does. I have no idea whether or not this thing would be street legal in much of the United States. I hope it is, as I hope it achieves the intended specs, and I hope less expensive models are released.


May-15 Update (Gary)

For all we make fun of Kickstarter here at WheeledThing… not everyone gets funded.  Case in point, the Rat Mobile… I mean Raht Mobile – which pulled it’s funding attempt with 191 backers and nearly $30K in donations.

I’m all for dreamers – but the fun of bike riding is that it’s you and the road.  Wind in the face, ultra maneuverability… slap in the electric motor and the seat belt and windscreen and it is a pedal car.  Put that thing on the streets of NYC and you’re stuck in traffic just like everyone else in a car… and you get to inhale their exhaust too!   This thing may be good for the wide open spaces of MN, but don’t try this “at home”.


Their video features a green screen, which they don’t project anything on, a guy with an amplifier and guitar… which is a waste of time and Scott Olsen – founder of Rollerblade and RowBike and SkyRide (looks like we have more posting to do) and Rich Kronfeld wearing a helmet with the chinstrap open and waaay to long.   And Rich… I love my bike commute.  The problem is not the bike, it’s the low density sprawl of MN.

RAHT RACER Launch Video from Clint Bohaty on Vimeo.

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  1. Gary

    I accidentally created a new Rath Racer post – so I deleted it and merged it with the original post. Note that it did not meet it’s goal on Kickstarter… it was canceled.

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