Our competitors at Hammacher Schlemmer take to the skies

WheeledThing scours the globe to discover products with wheels that for some dumb reason are in mass production.  Little did we realize that Hammacher Schlemmer is our biggest competitor.  In honor of their prolific catalog, the following post will highlight (or should I say lowlight) their best WheeledThings!

The “First” Flying Bicycle



Now this seems to be a tricycle, backpack and fan all bolted together.  I guess if you pedal hard, turn on the fan, and are on a huge incline you may be airborne for a couple of seconds.   The price is only $45K, so if the fall does not kill you, maybe the price tag will.  I’m guessing that $45K also includes ambulance service.   I don’t expect this to replace your LearJet, but hey, if you’re lucky it won’t kill you.

3 thoughts on “Our competitors at Hammacher Schlemmer take to the skies

  1. stern Post author

    My name shows up as “author” of these Hammacher Schlemmer posts because of some editing I did, but I want to give credit where it is due — Gary found these fine products for sale.

    The flying bike caught my eye because it feels like the only one of their wheeled catalog items that is at all novel. I can even imagine it working reasonably well (it’s not so different from an powered paraglider, which technology has been around for years).

    That said, I imagine it’s illegal to use anywhere near an urban center.

  2. Gary

    Stern – looks like you are right on this one, from the xploreair site, “As Im sure you will be aware we sadly didn’t manage to reach our Kickstarter funding goal.”

    I guess we are aware since nobody flying one of your products entered the Darwin Awards this year.

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