Not Tsetse Fly… FlyKly

Do you love your bike, but hate pedaling it?
Are you the kind of person who says, I really want to grow my love handles.

Well, if you want to keep your bike, but add the pounds, FlyKly is the product for you!

According to, Niko Klansek, who is based in NY, wants to provide you with a “pedal assist wheel”, to make “your commute easier, faster and smarter”.  I guess it’s the anti-fixie. Instead of making your bike cheaper and simpler, lets slap in a motor, computer and battery!

When you think hi-tech electronics, what country comes to mind first!  Italy!  That is right, the FlyKly is made in Milan, Italy, but assembled in NYC.  No wonder this little thing cost $1,000.  For only $200 more you can get a charger for it, which is “recommended”.  How else to you charge this thing up?  My favorite line from their sales pitch is, “Any custom duties or other associated taxes and charges are the responsibility of the customer.” – Do these guys plan to merge with SledDogs?

For some reason you can test the FlyKly in Slovenia (bottom of page) but not NYC.

Oh yeah, these guys raised $700,000 on Kickstarter. FlyKLY

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