2 thoughts on “Lunicycle a Unicycle Without a Seat

  1. stern


    I am afraid you made a mistake about which *kind* of kickstarter this is. It isn’t the “terrible idea that was never produced before for a good reason” kind, or the “we’re just going to steal your money” kind. This is the “let’s take something that was invented by somebody else and put together a slick video pretending it’s ours, and people will give us money to promote our (pretend) innovative spirit.”

    In particular, these liars are pretending to have invented something called an “ultimate wheel,” which have been around for decades.

    For example, this one is available from unicicyle.com for $140:

    The kickstarter scam artists plan to charge $180, which should be ample to pay for the cost of their ordering their “innovative new transportation device” from a factory in China that already makes them, slapping on their own logo, and shipping them on.

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