It worked for Tesla, so let’s try Faraday

Nikola Tesla – Inventor of the modern alternating current electricity supply system.

Michael Faraday – Scientist who contributed to the fields of electromagnetism and electrochemistry.

Tesla Motors has a market cap of $26 Billion (4/27/15).  I’m guessing the folks at Faraday Bicycles Inc. are hoping some of that old time smart guy magic will rub into their wallets too.  Maybe they can cut a deal with Tesla Motors… buy a Tesla and get a Faraday.


What is a Faraday bike – well it’s a $3,500 electric bicycle that weighs 39 lbs.  It’s got a steel frame and bamboo fenders.  Basically it’s an expensive electric bicycle with a bit of style and an attempt at heritage.  The battery which is mounted under the seat provides 20 miles of “pedal assist”.

I wish them luck, but it seems like just an overpriced heavy bike.   If the bike was say, 20 pounds lighter, you might not need the “pedal assist”.

1 thought on “It worked for Tesla, so let’s try Faraday

  1. stern

    It feels like there is a natural price for these electric-assist city bikes, and that price is under $400. If you want to charge $3500, design it as a motorcycle instead.

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