Hovertrax, the invisible Segway

Other than those with rare knee diseases, why do people buy Segways? To make sure they stay fat, sure, but why else? I think it’s a form of conspicuous consumption, a way to signalling to the world “I have too much money.” And if I’m right, why would anybody buy a Hovertrax?


It’s like a Segway but more subtle. This is from the labs of Shane Chen, the same guy who produces WheeledThing “favorites”,  Solowheel, Lunicycle and Orbitwheels. You can see his long-suffering model from the Orbitwheels campaign, forcing the rictus of a grin as she pretends to enjoy this thing as well.

Can I go inside now?

Can I go inside now?

It comes out of a Kickstarter campaign and it’s sold on Skymall, so it’s practically guaranteed to be worthless.

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