Goodbye Segway, Hello Ninebot

Ahhh, the Segway, a future entrant in the Wheeled Thing Hall of Fame (when we build it).  Launched about 15 years ago Dean Kamen convinced Time magazine that the Segway was the next big thing.  In Time’s December 02, 2001 article they quoted Dean Kamen, the Segway “will be to the car what the car was to the horse and buggy.”   Time continued, “He imagines them everywhere: in parks and at Disneyland, on battlefields and factory floors, but especially on downtown sidewalks from Seattle to Shanghai. “Cars are great for going long distances,” Kamen says, “but it makes no sense at all for people in cities to use a 4,000-lb. piece of metal to haul their 150-lb. asses around town.”

For some reason Kamen though these things should not be street legal, but driven on the sidewalk.  He hired lobbyist to promote changes in the law in every city to allow the Segway to ride on the sidewalk.  NYC said “nope” (along with many other cities) meaning the Segway was a “toy vehicle” and could not be used on the street or the sidewalk.  The Segway was basically a “Big Wheel” for adults.

Big Wheel

People compared a Segway to a bike and guess what.  The bike is better in every category.  It can go further, faster, carry more cargo, cost less…

Then George W tried it out… and showed it’s not as easy to ride as people though (or he’s a klutz… or both)Seway Bushes

Jump to the 2015 and partially due to the fact that Ninebot was infringing on Segway’s patents with their Ninebot Personal Transporter and the One E+ Unicycle, Ninebot decided to just buy the whole company.    Thank you Ninebot!  We look forward to your products filling the Wheeled Thing site for many years to come.

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