2 thoughts on “Gold mountain bike

  1. stern

    This is, of course, idiotic, but perhaps not for the reason you think. The kind of jack*ss who buys a million-dollar gold-plated bicycle does so as an act of conspicuous consumption. He (and let’s be real, it would have to be a he), buys the bicycle to show off that he can buy the bicycle. And here’s the problem with a gold-plated bicycle — you can’t take it outside. Between the softness of 24K gold and the gems that the “artist” has embedded in it, this thing would be destroyed within moments of reaching the sidewalk.

    So it has to be shut up inside. And what’s the point of a $1M bicycle if you have to keep it inside?

    Anyway, I suspect this silly thing doesn’t even exist. The “artist” probably spray-painted a Huffy and put it on his website to attract pageviews.

  2. Kim Post author

    Anybody who drops $1M on a bike probably goes riding with an entourage of security guards who will gladly watch it for them while they stop at the 7-Eleven for a Slurpee. Come to think of it, they probably go riding on their own private remote mountain island where nobody lives but the genetically reconstituted dinosaurs they’re secretly working on. And what would a dinosaur want with a $1M gold bike?

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