‘Ello Elio – A motorcycle with a roof!

Nice Orange Motorcycle…dude
OK – from what I understand, Elio Motors is trying to convince car owners to buy a motorcycle, by telling them that is both cheap ($6,800) and efficient (84 MPG).  These numbers are great compared to your average SUV, but compared to a Honda touring bike, say the CTX 7000, the numbers are almost the same at $7,500 and 64 MPG.

ELIO_STILLS.00I also thought that  three wheels=motorcycle=helmet.  Wonder why they don’t show people wearing them in their photos.

The sales pitch: use less, buy an Elio – oh yeah, and it’s American.
“Divorced dad wanted to stop commuting in his minivan, so he created the Elio”

How about use even less and ride a bike?  Is that the American way, ignore the technology out there and get some venture capital together and make a road show.

Jalopnik has good piece on it.  They sold 40,000 and were gonna ship in 2014, then 2015… now 2016.  At least Ryno Motors was selling something that looked cool…

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