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Bus Rears for Taxi Eyes

About a year ago, I noticed that there was a battle for taxi drivers.
The “yellow” industry posted this “Drive Yellow, Earn Green” ad on the back of a NYCT bus in an attempt to attract drivers.  I then noticed that the whole taxi industry is using this space.

Here are the ads I’ve seen… I find it comical that one form of transit is advertising on the back of their competition.


Drive Yellow, It’s Easier than Ever. Isn’t that racist?


14,000 is a big number! Wait is there some fine print?


1600 is less than 14000 but it’s weekly! I gett it!


Let’s not talk about money.


You pay us, and drive. No need to speak English anymore!


Unemployment has no shifts, no boss and no limits also!


Hey, maybe if we keep the same slogan and change the color, we can attract new drivers.


I liked the 14000 guarantee better.


Is a 10% commission a good or bad thing?


Free Cars! Where do I sign?


What happened to the happy white guys in the last ad? Maybe they are not happy anymore.


Only 1000, but I the other guy had bigger numbers!


What is the guarantee? $10/hr?

I’m guessing this battle will continue until the driverless car is introduced.

Update 11/21/16 – I found three more


$500 Now…where do I sign?


Can I get the $6,500 plus the $500 sign up bonus from Uber?


I’ll take the $6,500/month – it’s a bigger number

$700 When I start? How much when I finish?

Can I get the $700 and a free car?


“AeYO!” is the sound you’ll make when you hear the price 648 Euros or when you hit the ground in a heap after wiping out on this bike/skates combo that is neither a bike nor skates but something in between. Who thought it would be good to strap more restrictive things to your skates?



Don’t Text and Fart

While this may be a little outside the core competency of Wheeled Thing – it is something we know all too much about.

While reading an article titled “Japanese tourism board writes pamphlet to remind Chinese visitors to not fart or burp in public” on the website Shanghaiist, I was served an ad with the headline, “Stop the Texts, Stop the Wrecks


Don’t Text and Fart

That leads to two questions:

  1. Was this ad served because we should not burp and fart while texting and/or driving?
  2. What kind of tips do you need not to text and drive?  I mean, I could use some tips to prevent farting and burping, but if you are driving, don’t text – how hard is that?