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Second of two electric skateboards seen in the wild today. Dear God, are these things really happening?


Like a snakeboard, except different:

Stern here — That video is pretty impressive. I’ve seen these in the wild a couple of times in New York, but nothing as slick as that. These “drift skates” are only $36 direct from China, but my survival instinct prevents me from ordering a pair.

Gary’s turn: This video is truly amazing.  I did notice all of the pavement was high quality smooth.  Not typical street asphalt, but they look great.  In a quick search I discovered:

1- Amazon is selling (what appear to be) high quality Freelance Skates for $100+

2 – Wikipedia seems to think that Freeline Skates is the original manufacturer and has a reference to

3 – is dead

4 – The Freeline Sports, on Facebook lists the company as “Permanently closed” and the last posting was in 2014.

The fad was over before it began.  I wonder if there is a serious face-plant that caused the collapse of the Freeline empire.  Could this be the next Hoverboard – an idea without an owner and lots of cheap crappy knockoffs?



On the subject of inexpensive wheeledThings that will probably fall apart the first time to try to use them — welcome the Razor Sole Skate

Razor has started selling a minimalistic skateboard. So minimalistic that it has only three wheels.

Looks kinda like a bicycle seat.

Looks kinda like a bicycle seat.

It’s small and light and designed to be carried about by students, I think.


Videos on Youtube indicate that it is possible, with some difficulty, to do many traditional skateboard tricks on a Sole Skate.

Given the apparent build quality, I wouldn’t expect to get away with those tricks for long. But in the meantime, this thing is probably worth the $20 it costs.

$20? I'll take three!

$20? I’ll take three!

You’re Never Too Young to Faceplant

After the breakaway success of the Roller Buggy, it appears that there are still parents out there who think that beauty is more than skin deep, or their offspring have too many teeth.   Alternatively, it could be a good way to get your insurance company to pay for plastic surgery.

While the jogging stroller has become commonplace, our friends at Quinny are rolling out a “Longboard Stroller”.

It appears to be nothing more than a skateboard with a seat bolted to it.  The Quinny website reads:  “It brings together the comfort of a traditional stroller and the excitement of longboarding.”

We all know that dads need lots of excitement when taking out their kids.  Moms if you want to get a divorce, I’m guessing if you show a judge this photo, you’ll be able to get what you want.

Quinny3The cost is only $670, but my favorite part is the disclaimer:

Why only to European Union countries? The Quinny longboardstroller was developed, tested, and approved for use in the European Community. This product was not designed for other territories, notably in to North America, Australia, or New Zealand, and this longboardstroller is not intended for use in those territories.”

In other words, Quinny is afraid of the American, Australian and New Zealand legal system.  I wonder why?


The Sbyke penny-farthing scooter-skateboard. I could have sworn we already discussed this.

We’re used to seeing entrepreneurs randomly combining two things together and calling it a vehicle (scooter with suitcase, bicycle with skis, etc.) I think this is the first time we’ve seen a three-way combination.

Sbyke sells a scooter/skateboard/penny farthing.

I give them points for creativity

I give them points for creativity

But you have to admit, it looks horrible

But you have to admit, it looks horrible

They offer a video discussing the device, but as is normal for new WheeledThings, it’s mostly people talking about the device, not so many action shots.

The high end model lists for $249, and I’m seeing it on sale for $180.

Skatecycle — the unholy union of an Orbitwheel and a Razor Ripstick

What happens if you combine Orbitwheels

Arggghhh! Stop me!!!

Arggghhh! Stop me!!!

with a Razor Ripstick?

Ripster RD shown here.

Ripster RD shown here.

I suspect the answer looks something like the Skatecycle,

Skatecycle, as rendered by Adobe.

Skatecycle, as rendered by Adobe.

This device is real and the manufacturer shares some videos online

that make clear it’s possible to control these things pretty well. Is that Washington Square Park? I like that none of the pedestrians even break stride for this guy. The device fits into its environment pretty well.

skatecyccle 2

Available online from various sources for about $170.

Orbitwheel — like a Razor RipStik but without the style or control

I’m surprised that the Orbitwheel hasn’t been mentioned on WheeledThing before. It’s been advertised in the Skymall catalog for a while, with photos showing a cheerful Asian woman posing in a pair of Orbitwheels. We know she is only posing because she doesn’t have any broken bones.

Photo captured only moments before she coasted into the back of a dump truck.

Photo captured only moments before she coasted into the back of a dump truck.

Videos exist of people using these, on flat surfaces, at low speeds.

On the plus side, they sell for only about $100 a pair.

More details on their website,

Arggghhh! Stop me!!!

Arggghhh! Stop me!!!


Zoomie zoom zoom — Argh! My face!

Evidently, mountain skateboards are a genre (google “mountain long board” for examples). I’m calling out this particular model only because it’s the first brought to my attention, plus the treads amuse me.

Zoomie zoom zoom

The problem with this thing, I suspect, is that it distributes your weight over so small an area that you’re bound to faceplant if you hit any sort of obstacle, which pretty much limits its usefulness to smooth slopes. There’s nothing in their promotional videos to suggest otherwise.