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Swedish Startup to Bring Pogo Sticks to S.F. as E-Scooter Alternative

This story is probably fake, but I hope against hope that it’s real.

“SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — San Franciscans may soon be able to bounce their way around town, if a Swedish-based mobility company has its way.

Earlier this month, start-up company Cangoroo announced plans to deploy hundreds of pogo sticks in select cities to directly compete with electric scooters as a transportation option.…”

Pogo stick mobility. Photo:

Holiday Segway tip from your friends at WheeledThing

I try not to mock hard-working entrepreneurs. They represent the future, after all. But when you see some random guy import yet another motorized unicycle from Shenzhen and then pretend he invented it on Indigogo, it becomes almost a public service to mock him. Or when somebody jury-rigs a chainsaw into motorized inline skates and brags it’s perfect for children. How can you not point out the stupidity of that?

And then there’s Segway, the grand daddy of ludicrous, overpriced, impractical transportational schemes. Dean Kamen sold the steaming mess to a distributor who promptly drove one over a cliff (that’s not metaphorical, that’s what he actually did). And whoever owns the brand now has tried to market smaller versions recently for $800 each. Don’t buy one.

Refurbished units are on sale today for $600. Don’t buy those either.

Mini Segway, still Maxi-Goofy


“AeYO!” is the sound you’ll make when you hear the price 648 Euros or when you hit the ground in a heap after wiping out on this bike/skates combo that is neither a bike nor skates but something in between. Who thought it would be good to strap more restrictive things to your skates?



Hoverboard Battery Die?

OK, you’re having a great time hovering around New York City… and, well it happens to all of us, your batteries die.  What do you do?  Hop on public transit and go home.  Not!

Your next step will should be to request and Uber… or even better use Citibike.


Please Hover Somewhere Else

It looks like maybe we should rename them the Devilboards

‘Hoverboards,’ though stupid, are probably not illegal

The NYPD has announced that hoverboards are illegal on sidewalks and streets in NYC.

Into the hoosegow with you!

Into the hoosegow with you!

Things to note here: 1. the NYPD, who announced they were illegal, does not actually pass laws. 2. the law they referred to, when pressed on the issue, applies to devices with handlebars (which hoverboards lack), and excludes devices that putt along under 15mph (like hoverboards).

The Hammacher Schlemmer near my office still has one of these things in the window with a $1400 price tag, so it doesn’t appear there’s been any collapse in the market.

Honda 80s Trunk Scooter – Now Art!

I discovered a WheeledThing while wandering the galleries of West Chelsea!

At Chamber the Honda Motocompo, a “folding scooter”, is currently on display.  It was made in the early 80s as a “Trunk Bike”.  The idea was you would park your car… and pop out your scooter for your last mile.  I think time has proven me right in stating this is still a bad idea.

It probably should be called – a handlebar and seat retracting scooter – but that probably sounds bad in Japanese too.

Honda Folding Scooter - Front

Honda Folding Scooter – Front

Honda Folding Scooter - Rear

Honda Folding Scooter – Rear

Honda Folding Scooter - Top

Honda Folding Scooter – Top

Price List

Yours for only $8,000!

Honda Folding Scooter - Side

Honda Folding Scooter – Side

You’re Never Too Young to Faceplant

After the breakaway success of the Roller Buggy, it appears that there are still parents out there who think that beauty is more than skin deep, or their offspring have too many teeth.   Alternatively, it could be a good way to get your insurance company to pay for plastic surgery.

While the jogging stroller has become commonplace, our friends at Quinny are rolling out a “Longboard Stroller”.

It appears to be nothing more than a skateboard with a seat bolted to it.  The Quinny website reads:  “It brings together the comfort of a traditional stroller and the excitement of longboarding.”

We all know that dads need lots of excitement when taking out their kids.  Moms if you want to get a divorce, I’m guessing if you show a judge this photo, you’ll be able to get what you want.

Quinny3The cost is only $670, but my favorite part is the disclaimer:

Why only to European Union countries? The Quinny longboardstroller was developed, tested, and approved for use in the European Community. This product was not designed for other territories, notably in to North America, Australia, or New Zealand, and this longboardstroller is not intended for use in those territories.”

In other words, Quinny is afraid of the American, Australian and New Zealand legal system.  I wonder why?


The Sbyke penny-farthing scooter-skateboard. I could have sworn we already discussed this.

We’re used to seeing entrepreneurs randomly combining two things together and calling it a vehicle (scooter with suitcase, bicycle with skis, etc.) I think this is the first time we’ve seen a three-way combination.

Sbyke sells a scooter/skateboard/penny farthing.

I give them points for creativity

I give them points for creativity

But you have to admit, it looks horrible

But you have to admit, it looks horrible

They offer a video discussing the device, but as is normal for new WheeledThings, it’s mostly people talking about the device, not so many action shots.

The high end model lists for $249, and I’m seeing it on sale for $180.

RAILZ Snow Scooters. Their slogan is “Always Wear a Helmet”

Some months ago, we discussed the RAILZ snow skateboard, a Rube-Goldbergesque device in which a skateboard was put on four little snowboards rather than just being a snowboard itself.

It turns out that the geniuses behind that device have produced a variation based on scooters.

Full-sized, for grownups who don't want to have fun.

Full-sized, for grownups who don’t want to have fun.

Youth-sized, for kids who don't want to have fun either.

Youth-sized, for kids who don’t want to have fun either.

Much of their website is in Comic Sans, so you know it’s a good idea to trust your health to their design skills.