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A Wheeled Cooler- I’ll Take Two!

It is not all that often that I come across a product that is advertised as “Wheeled”.

This one is really special, besides wheels, it has a collapsible handle, Bluetooth, and wait for it, it cost $400!  For a cooler.  Yes, I know, I could buy a Coleman Wheeled Cooler for $40 and then pickup a Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth speaker for $200 and still have, let’s see, more than $250 in beer money, but hey, check out the great features from our friends at Sondpex Corp:


Is the cooler cooler with sound?


  • 40 QT/38L cooler holds 48 cans or 28 12 oz. bottles – Normal
  • Advanced insulation technology keeps ice frozen up to 3 days – Below Average
  • Wheeled design with long, telescoping handle for easy transport – It’s Wheeled!
  • Hinged lid with built-in weather resistant storage area for iPads and tablets – Sounds like a great idea, if you want to get your iPad cold and wet
  • Weather sealed storage and charging area for cell phones and digital music players – Who thought it was good idea to co-locate your wet stuff with your electric stuff?
  • Wirelessly stream music from any Bluetooth-enabled device with A2DP technology – Normal
  • Secure simple pairing for up to 30ft of operating range – Normal
  • Built-in FM radio receiver with auto scan and memory functions – Who still listens to the radio, when you have Bluetooth?
  • 350 watt maximum output power and 100-20Khz 100-20Khz frequency response – Where is that music coming from… your cooler?
  • Two water resistant 6.5” High performance Speakers and 2 Tweeters – This cooler has speakers and Tweeters!  I guess they did not realize, it’s all about the bass
  • Plays MP3 and WMA music through USB and microSD card slots (supports up to 32GB of memory each) – It plays WMA files, but can you connect your Zune? 

I really don’t know who this is targeted for?

Is it for an alcoholic busker, but where is (s)he going to come up with the $400?

All I can say, is they had me at wheeled!

Best of all, they know how to use Photoshop:


Don’t Text and Fart

While this may be a little outside the core competency of Wheeled Thing – it is something we know all too much about.

While reading an article titled “Japanese tourism board writes pamphlet to remind Chinese visitors to not fart or burp in public” on the website Shanghaiist, I was served an ad with the headline, “Stop the Texts, Stop the Wrecks


Don’t Text and Fart

That leads to two questions:

  1. Was this ad served because we should not burp and fart while texting and/or driving?
  2. What kind of tips do you need not to text and drive?  I mean, I could use some tips to prevent farting and burping, but if you are driving, don’t text – how hard is that?

Honda 80s Trunk Scooter – Now Art!

I discovered a WheeledThing while wandering the galleries of West Chelsea!

At Chamber the Honda Motocompo, a “folding scooter”, is currently on display.  It was made in the early 80s as a “Trunk Bike”.  The idea was you would park your car… and pop out your scooter for your last mile.  I think time has proven me right in stating this is still a bad idea.

It probably should be called – a handlebar and seat retracting scooter – but that probably sounds bad in Japanese too.

Honda Folding Scooter - Front

Honda Folding Scooter – Front

Honda Folding Scooter - Rear

Honda Folding Scooter – Rear

Honda Folding Scooter - Top

Honda Folding Scooter – Top

Price List

Yours for only $8,000!

Honda Folding Scooter - Side

Honda Folding Scooter – Side

Terrafugia – Another Fly Car That’s “Coming Soon”

It looks like some fans of WheeledThing were inspired by the crash of AeroMobil AKA the Slovak flying car, and decided to put some American cash behind one.   This one has the memorable name of Terrafugia.  I’m guessing around they office they shorten it to Terra F.U.

You know, there is nothing I want more to do, that to drive my airplane to the gas station!  I bet this thing is a chick magnet.  Their pitch is to bring personal aviation into the mainstream.  Uhmm… why do we need this?  Is there a shortage of parking spaces at the airport?

One of their sales pitches is that it has “Cargo for golf clubs and carryon bags”.  I wonder if you could attach a bike to the roof?


Let’s see… they started in 2006 and don’t seem to have any date for when the launch is.  I do see they are looking for investors though.

The good news is the video is short and sweet – no talking with some driving and some flying.

The Sbyke penny-farthing scooter-skateboard. I could have sworn we already discussed this.

We’re used to seeing entrepreneurs randomly combining two things together and calling it a vehicle (scooter with suitcase, bicycle with skis, etc.) I think this is the first time we’ve seen a three-way combination.

Sbyke sells a scooter/skateboard/penny farthing.

I give them points for creativity

I give them points for creativity

But you have to admit, it looks horrible

But you have to admit, it looks horrible

They offer a video discussing the device, but as is normal for new WheeledThings, it’s mostly people talking about the device, not so many action shots.

The high end model lists for $249, and I’m seeing it on sale for $180.

RAILZ Snow Scooters. Their slogan is “Always Wear a Helmet”

Some months ago, we discussed the RAILZ snow skateboard, a Rube-Goldbergesque device in which a skateboard was put on four little snowboards rather than just being a snowboard itself.

It turns out that the geniuses behind that device have produced a variation based on scooters.

Full-sized, for grownups who don't want to have fun.

Full-sized, for grownups who don’t want to have fun.

Youth-sized, for kids who don't want to have fun either.

Youth-sized, for kids who don’t want to have fun either.

Much of their website is in Comic Sans, so you know it’s a good idea to trust your health to their design skills.

The #Bergmönch bicycle/backpack — hike uphill, ride down

Even the youngest cyclists know that it’s fun to ride downhill. The bummer is that you have to start by getting to the top of a hill in order to enjoy it. Sometimes that’s a long slog in the saddle. Sometimes it’s a ride in a helicopter. And sometimes, it’s a Bergmönch.

"Bergmönch" means "Mountain Monk." I'm not sure why this is supposed to communicate "weird backpack."

“Bergmönch” means “Mountain Monk.” I’m not sure why this is supposed to communicate “weird backpack.”

This is a German bicycle/backpack, designed for those who want to hike uphill and ride down at the end.

I don’t see any distributors but you can order one directly from the company for $1500. For that price, it seems as though they ought to include a place to sit.

Bergmönch. For those who like to ride, and don't care to sit.

Bergmönch. For those who like to ride, and don’t care to sit.

Electric Briefcase Scooter

Have you ever wanted a bag that does not carry much, but is very heavy?
Or maybe you were looking for a scooter that was top-heavy, so you could fall on your face and break your teeth?  If this sounds appealing, for the low, low price of $600, our friends at Coolpeds USA  will sell you one of their “Briefcase Electric Scooters”

Briefcase eScooter

If that was not cool enough, for an extra Benjamin, they will add a solar panel to the bag – that is right, instead of walking, you could be riding an electric scooter powered by the sun.  Talk about eco-friendly!

And to seal the deal, our friends at Coolpeds will tack on a $128 shipping charge to the East Coast!

Quick, quick, hide my credit card.

Briefcase eScooter3