Burning rubber in indoor cycling

I was on my newish Wahoo Kickr Snap trainer last night and pulled my rear wheel out of alignment (presumably in Beast mode on a virtual climb in Zwift, the alternative, that I failed to adequately tighten the skewer, is obviously an absurd hypothesis). No big deal except that I didn’t notice for half an hour, instead thinking that my mounting difficulty turning the pedals and the stink of burning rubber were the result of a technical flaw in the trainer resulting it its crashing into highest resistance and staying there. I was dreading the debugging process, as isolating the component responsible promised to be time-consuming, and if the problem was in the trainer itself, a hassle to get replaced as well.

Only when the rear wheel was so jammed that I could stand on the pedals in my lowest gear and not move the rear wheel did I dismount and examine the situation closely. A veritable Sherlock Homes, I could not help but notice the burnt rubber shavings that had accumulated to the left of the rear triangle where the wheel had been rubbing the inside of the frame. The sidewall of the tire was sticky all the way around where it had been melting itself with friction.

What's that smell?

What’s that smell?