Boosted Boards, Boosted Waistline!

Boosted Boards claims for only the low, low price of $999 you can get a skateboard that will take you 7 miles on a 15% hill, with a top speed of 18 mph (is this going uphill or downhill?).

If you want to pay the upcharge, you can pay $1,500 and get a board with extra traction griptape!  This board has a top speed of 22 mph on a 25% hill (still don’t know if this is up or down), but now it only goes 6 miles.

BoostedBoards-Kid BoostedBoards-Moto

Yes, now you can race little kids down the street and even carry your skateboard on your motorcycle!  Bet you could not do that with your old board!

They also raised almost $500K on Kickstarter

If you were not bored enough, watch this video:

1 thought on “Boosted Boards, Boosted Waistline!

  1. Gary Post author

    Saw my first “Boosted Board” today as I was riding down the Hudson River Bike Path. I was doing about 10 MPH, and he blew by me… maybe 15 MPH, maybe 20? It looked really boring. He was just standing still, gripping his remote. I’m guessing his legs were getting stiff standing still for so long. At least he had an 888 helmet on.

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