4 thoughts on “Big Wheel Drift Trikes

  1. Gary

    Based on the fact they had to replay some clips to make it look cool… it must be dull to ride. It was scary that they seemed to have so little control of the bikes and were skidding around each corner. My guess is these things would not work very well on a street where people actually live… and drive cars. Remind me again what the benefit of the motor of pedaling is?

  2. Kim Post author

    This is marketed specifically at the drifting crowd, which means people who enjoy skidding around corners as if they’re completely out of control, without actually being completely out of control. If you drove it normally it would still be fun, and probably pretty stable. The dangerous part to me is that they’re so low to the ground and difficult for cars to see. They need one of those long skinny fiberglass antennas with a bright orange triangle flag on the end, so cars can see them coming when low obstacles like bushes are hiding them.

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