Another way to electrify your bicycle, probably a bad one.

If you feel the need for an electric bike, many companies will sell them to you, or will sell you conversion kits for a bike you may have lying around. Evelo has devised a particularly simple conversion by embedding the motor, battery, etc., entirely in a single wheel.



Well, not quite entirely. You need to affix a wireless controller to your handlebars and adjust the power output of the motor digitally as you ride. I haven’t tried it but that sounds awkward at best, possibly dangerous. And there’s the price, $999. That’s more than a lot of complete electric bikes cost, and probably 4x what a conversion kit normally goes for.

2 thoughts on “Another way to electrify your bicycle, probably a bad one.

    1. stern Post author

      Ooh, you know somebody out there is going to try that. Then, with separate wireless controllers on his handlebars, he’d going to have to tap back and forth between the two in order to keep the wheels moving the same speed.

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