A Wheeled Cooler- I’ll Take Two!

It is not all that often that I come across a product that is advertised as “Wheeled”.

This one is really special, besides wheels, it has a collapsible handle, Bluetooth, and wait for it, it cost $400!  For a cooler.  Yes, I know, I could buy a Coleman Wheeled Cooler for $40 and then pickup a Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth speaker for $200 and still have, let’s see, more than $250 in beer money, but hey, check out the great features from our friends at Sondpex Corp:


Is the cooler cooler with sound?


  • 40 QT/38L cooler holds 48 cans or 28 12 oz. bottles – Normal
  • Advanced insulation technology keeps ice frozen up to 3 days – Below Average
  • Wheeled design with long, telescoping handle for easy transport – It’s Wheeled!
  • Hinged lid with built-in weather resistant storage area for iPads and tablets – Sounds like a great idea, if you want to get your iPad cold and wet
  • Weather sealed storage and charging area for cell phones and digital music players – Who thought it was good idea to co-locate your wet stuff with your electric stuff?
  • Wirelessly stream music from any Bluetooth-enabled device with A2DP technology – Normal
  • Secure simple pairing for up to 30ft of operating range – Normal
  • Built-in FM radio receiver with auto scan and memory functions – Who still listens to the radio, when you have Bluetooth?
  • 350 watt maximum output power and 100-20Khz 100-20Khz frequency response – Where is that music coming from… your cooler?
  • Two water resistant 6.5” High performance Speakers and 2 Tweeters – This cooler has speakers and Tweeters!  I guess they did not realize, it’s all about the bass
  • Plays MP3 and WMA music through USB and microSD card slots (supports up to 32GB of memory each) – It plays WMA files, but can you connect your Zune? 

I really don’t know who this is targeted for?

Is it for an alcoholic busker, but where is (s)he going to come up with the $400?

All I can say, is they had me at wheeled!

Best of all, they know how to use Photoshop: