Monthly Archives: April 2017

Goodbye Spokes, Hello Plastic!

Japan Week continues at WT with a look at the “Airless” tire being developed by Bridgestone and reported by DesignBoom

Could these be better than your classic spoked tire?  While I like the fun look, traditional bike wheels are pretty excellent, durable and cheap.

I’d love to get my hands one one of these, while I text with the other hand.

Airless Bike Tire

Look Ma, no air!

Bridgstone also seems to think this is a good idea for cars too!

Airless Car Tire

This would look great on my Hummer!

Flying Wheels!

It looks like it’s Japanese week here at WT!

Not content with skating ninjas, our friends in Japan rolled various wheeled things down a ski slope and included a play-by-play announcer with high tech graphics!

If anyone wants to fund our Kickstarter campaign, WT wants to roll American wheels down a slope.  I’m sure they will go even farther and faster!

Roll Baby Roll!