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Good News for Leg Breakers

Breaking a leg must really suck.  Besides the initial bone jarring incident, there is the lack of mobility.  It must drag on, not being able to get around.

Now there is Swivelmate!  It’s not cheap… it goes for $500 at Amazon, but looks like it could be worth it.

I saw somebody (not this person below who is on the rent a knee walker website) booking down the sidewalk.  He was going faster than me.  This is a first at Wheeled Thing… something to be praised.
Kneewalker_ModelGood Work Swivel Matey- I wonder how you can get this endorsed by Luke Skywalker….


Like a snakeboard, except different:

Stern here — That video is pretty impressive. I’ve seen these in the wild a couple of times in New York, but nothing as slick as that. These “drift skates” are only $36 direct from China, but my survival instinct prevents me from ordering a pair.

Gary’s turn: This video is truly amazing.  I did notice all of the pavement was high quality smooth.  Not typical street asphalt, but they look great.  In a quick search I discovered:

1- Amazon is selling (what appear to be) high quality Freelance Skates for $100+

2 – Wikipedia seems to think that Freeline Skates is the original manufacturer and has a reference to

3 – is dead

4 – The Freeline Sports, on Facebook lists the company as “Permanently closed” and the last posting was in 2014.

The fad was over before it began.  I wonder if there is a serious face-plant that caused the collapse of the Freeline empire.  Could this be the next Hoverboard – an idea without an owner and lots of cheap crappy knockoffs?