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‘Hoverboards,’ though stupid, are probably not illegal

The NYPD has announced that hoverboards are illegal on sidewalks and streets in NYC.

Into the hoosegow with you!

Into the hoosegow with you!

Things to note here: 1. the NYPD, who announced they were illegal, does not actually pass laws. 2. the law they referred to, when pressed on the issue, applies to devices with handlebars (which hoverboards lack), and excludes devices that putt along under 15mph (like hoverboards).

The Hammacher Schlemmer near my office still has one of these things in the window with a $1400 price tag, so it doesn’t appear there’s been any collapse in the market.

Red Means Stop… I think

Virtually every time I’m at the intersection of West 23rd Street and 10th Avenue, a car blows the red light.  I picked a random Sunday morning and aimed my camera at the intersection.  During my 15 minute video, 41 vehicles blew the red light.  Count along with the scofflaws!

Red Light Running in NYC from Wheeled Thing on Vimeo.

Honda 80s Trunk Scooter – Now Art!

I discovered a WheeledThing while wandering the galleries of West Chelsea!

At Chamber the Honda Motocompo, a “folding scooter”, is currently on display.  It was made in the early 80s as a “Trunk Bike”.  The idea was you would park your car… and pop out your scooter for your last mile.  I think time has proven me right in stating this is still a bad idea.

It probably should be called – a handlebar and seat retracting scooter – but that probably sounds bad in Japanese too.

Honda Folding Scooter - Front

Honda Folding Scooter – Front

Honda Folding Scooter - Rear

Honda Folding Scooter – Rear

Honda Folding Scooter - Top

Honda Folding Scooter – Top

Price List

Yours for only $8,000!

Honda Folding Scooter - Side

Honda Folding Scooter – Side