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Turn your wheelchair into a chopper. Just strap on an electric motor, and you’re off to the races!

According to their site, “Firefly™ – Go Twice as Fast!  The Firefly is an electric handcycle that snaps on to your  wheelchair. Go twice as fast and twice as far as a power wheelchair!”

Grandma must have been going pretty fast if this only doubles her speed!

Boosted Boards, Boosted Waistline!

Boosted Boards claims for only the low, low price of $999 you can get a skateboard that will take you 7 miles on a 15% hill, with a top speed of 18 mph (is this going uphill or downhill?).

If you want to pay the upcharge, you can pay $1,500 and get a board with extra traction griptape!  This board has a top speed of 22 mph on a 25% hill (still don’t know if this is up or down), but now it only goes 6 miles.

BoostedBoards-Kid BoostedBoards-Moto

Yes, now you can race little kids down the street and even carry your skateboard on your motorcycle!  Bet you could not do that with your old board!

They also raised almost $500K on Kickstarter

If you were not bored enough, watch this video:

Another way to electrify your bicycle, probably a bad one.

If you feel the need for an electric bike, many companies will sell them to you, or will sell you conversion kits for a bike you may have lying around. Evelo has devised a particularly simple conversion by embedding the motor, battery, etc., entirely in a single wheel.



Well, not quite entirely. You need to affix a wireless controller to your handlebars and adjust the power output of the motor digitally as you ride. I haven’t tried it but that sounds awkward at best, possibly dangerous. And there’s the price, $999. That’s more than a lot of complete electric bikes cost, and probably 4x what a conversion kit normally goes for.

What is a bicycle system? and do you need one?


They claim, “COBI bicycle system enhances rider’s experience”

I think COBI is confusing the word “enhance” or to make better with “distract” or to divert attention from what you are doing (riding a bike).

Here are the COBI selling points:

  1. It has an “interchangeable 200g mount case…that holds the user’s smartphone on the handlebars”
  2. With the ‘COBI’ software (their quotes not mine) you can call friends,
  3. Listen to music,
  4. Check weather forecast.
  5. Other combined apps allow them (you?) to track fitness data such as heart-rate,
  6. cadence
  7. and calories, and
  8. observe real-time information like speed, time, distance and climb rate.
  9. another helpful addition is the modern navigation system that signals turn-by-turn directions, voice-overs, 2D & 3D views, bike lanes, popular routes and
  10. a buddy radar, which all aid the rider to travel easily between their destinations.

So… what does this thing that my iPhone does not already do?  And why should I give them my money?

I encourage you to watch the video… I could not sit through it.  It seems like this German guy just wants to do something… but even he is not sure what:

Worst Cop/Skateboard Chase Ever!

I encourage you all to watch this terrible skateboard / cop chase.

In this situation you have two choices:

1- Run
2- Skate

For some reason this perp decided to run while carrying a longboard.
I hope he enjoys his 15 minutes of fame.


Ryno motors returns deposits

Once upon a time there was a company called Ryno ( making an unusually cool sort of electric unicycle. Their design cues come from motorcycles, not unicycles, which makes a big difference.

It exists, see.

It exists, see.

However they found production to be difficult, so on December 3, 2014 they said

We did make substantial progress with our product development during the year. We were able to develop quality pre-production units that ride beautifully and safely. However, we were also hoping to refine and cost reduce our mechanical design during 2014.  Unfortunately this was not accomplished, and this means that our plans to ship units in volume through dealers (at our original target price) by the end of this year cannot be met.

And they returned customer deposits!

Haven’t these guys heard of kickstarter or indiegogo, or frankly our entire financial system in 2008? The new American way is to fail but keep the money. If the executives at Ryno want to drop us a line, I am sure we can provide valuable management consulting on this point.

The Ciclotte exercise bike

$10,000 worth of coolness.

$10,000 worth of coolness.

Ciclotte ( has designed an innovative stationary bike, for which they want $10,000. I’m cool with that; good design is worth money, and this is a cool looking thing. My problem with the Ciclotte exercise bike is not the price, but rather the fact that they charge an extra $2000 for one made out of Carbon Fiber.

$12,000 worth of coolness?

$12,000 worth of coolness?

That’s right, carbon fiber — the less-strong building material whose only advantages are (a) ease of coercing into aerodynamic shapes and (b) light weight. This is a stationary bicycle. It does not need to be aerodynamic or lightweight.

They will also charge you $1000 to attach an iPad holder.