Recon — “smart” sunglasses for athletes

We live in a remarkable age for athletes; almost all of us carry devices in our pockets that play music, show maps, and track our speed and altitude. But the boffins at Recon noticed a problem — to get this data, you have to look at your phone or listen to a headset. What if you’re a finely tuned athletic machine, whose training regimen would be destroyed by such maneuver? The only solution, clearly, is to strap a pair of incredible ugly $400 sunglasses to your face and read vital data off a screen on the inside.

Shouldn't "smart" be in quotation marks?

Shouldn’t “smart” be in quotation marks?

It comes in several models, all ugly, and all providing basically the same functionality — they display speed and altitude and they can shoot videos. They have a microphone but it doesn’t do anything.

Admit it, you'd like to punch him in the face.

Admit it, you’d like to punch him in the face.

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  1. stern Post author

    I made fun of these two years ago. I’ve just been offered a pair of Oakley’s competing product, the Prizm Road Smart Sunglasses. I’m excited to try them out and will report back here.