Electric Briefcase Scooter

Have you ever wanted a bag that does not carry much, but is very heavy?
Or maybe you were looking for a scooter that was top-heavy, so you could fall on your face and break your teeth?  If this sounds appealing, for the low, low price of $600, our friends at Coolpeds USA  will sell you one of their “Briefcase Electric Scooters”

Briefcase eScooter

If that was not cool https://onhealthy.net/product-category/erectile-dysfunction/ enough, for an extra Benjamin, they will add a solar panel to the bag – that is right, instead of walking, you could be riding an electric scooter powered by the sun.  Talk about eco-friendly!

And to seal the deal, our friends at Coolpeds will tack on a $128 shipping charge to the East Coast!

Quick, quick, hide my credit card.

Briefcase eScooter3


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