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“AeYO!” is the sound you’ll make when you hear the price 648 Euros or when you hit the ground in a heap after wiping out on this bike/skates combo that is neither a bike nor skates but something in between. Who thought it would be good to strap more restrictive things to your skates?



Burning rubber in indoor cycling

I was on my newish Wahoo Kickr Snap trainer last night and pulled my rear wheel out of alignment (presumably in Beast mode on a virtual climb in Zwift, the alternative, that I failed to adequately tighten the skewer, is obviously an absurd hypothesis). No big deal except that I didn’t notice for half an hour, instead thinking that my mounting difficulty turning the pedals and the stink of burning rubber were the result of a technical flaw in the trainer resulting it its crashing into highest resistance and staying there. I was dreading the debugging process, as isolating the component responsible promised to be time-consuming, and if the problem was in the trainer itself, a hassle to get replaced as well.

Only when the rear wheel was so jammed that I could stand on the pedals in my lowest gear and not move the rear wheel did I dismount and examine the situation closely. A veritable Sherlock Homes, I could not help but notice the burnt rubber shavings that had accumulated to the left of the rear triangle where the wheel had been rubbing the inside of the frame. The sidewall of the tire was sticky all the way around where it had been melting itself with friction.

What's that smell?

What’s that smell?

Skyscraper hoverboard

This is DANGEROUS! He should be wearing a HELMET!


Like a snakeboard, except different:

Stern here — That video is pretty impressive. I’ve seen these in the wild a couple of times in New York, but nothing as slick as that. These “drift skates” are only $36 direct from China, but my survival instinct prevents me from ordering a pair.

Gary’s turn: This video is truly amazing.  I did notice all of the pavement was high quality smooth.  Not typical street asphalt, but they look great.  In a quick search I discovered:

1- Amazon is selling (what appear to be) high quality Freelance Skates for $100+

2 – Wikipedia seems to think that Freeline Skates is the original manufacturer and has a reference to

3 – is dead

4 – The Freeline Sports, on Facebook lists the company as “Permanently closed” and the last posting was in 2014.

The fad was over before it began.  I wonder if there is a serious face-plant that caused the collapse of the Freeline empire.  Could this be the next Hoverboard – an idea without an owner and lots of cheap crappy knockoffs?



Quick! Call 212-242-6427 To Report a Hoverboard Sighting!

I’m sure we all can agree that New York City is overwhelmed with unlicensed, unregulated, exploding hoverboards.  To combat this blemish on society, a sign board has been posted on the Hudson River bike path.


Operation Bikeway Safety

It reads:
Operation Bikeway Safety
Prohibited: Illegal Motor Vehicle
E-Bikes, E-Scooters, Hoverboards
Use is Illegal on Walk/Bikeway
Help Report Sightings
Call 212-242-6427

Now do your part and “Drop a dime” on that hoverbardist.

OperationBikewaySafety from Wheeled Thing on Vimeo.