27 pounds. Range: 10 miles. Top speed: 12.5 mph. $1800.

Couldn't be cooler

What is it with motorized unicycles? About fifty companies are making them. Nobody, as far as I can tell, is buying them. I can ride a unicycle, and even I think these make people look like idiots.

Focus Designs SBU V3 self-balancing electric unicycle

2 thoughts on “27 pounds. Range: 10 miles. Top speed: 12.5 mph. $1800.

  1. Gary


    My favorite quote from the article: “I’ve fallen off the SBU twice. Both times the same thing happened — I took off from a complete stop and leaned forward too much. The unicycle accelerated to top speed and the accelerometer and other senses failed to kick me back into position and I essentially became one with the concrete. I scraped my elbows and sides, and I’m pretty sure I sprained my right wrist. I got right back up and continued on home, but damn, those falls were quite painful.”

    Now c’mon, do you really need so many teeth?